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Ever since I was a kid I've enjoyed being on a computer. I remember being six years old and going with my parents to the local Gateway store to buy our families first home computer. I got a free pen with cow print on it for being patient while I waited, and my first computer game was Barbie Super Sports. It took forever to load, and there was one level that always froze in the snowboarding section, but I loved it. It seemed like the customization of the game was endless. I could buy different skateboards, helmets, snowboards, and ski suits! From there, my love of computers only grew. From spending hours waiting for a shot to get on mamamedia.com (it was always overloaded thanks to television advertising), to becoming insanely wealthy in Neopoints, to eating flamin hot cheeto balls out of a plastic tube with the windows open while I played Backyard Baseball in the summer, I was hooked.

As a teenager, I learned how to create newsletters in AOL mail, I roleplayed with my friends on AIM and Yahoo!Messenger, and I started building websites to showcase my love of whatever on Geocities. Now - more than two decades after I started, I am finally learning to build my own websites from scratch using HTML and I could not be more excited.

All About Me

I was born in Iowa where I was raised by two stalks of corn. One was taller than the other and wore glasses. The other needed glasses but refused to get them. I had other friends that grew up in the corn, too. We ventured into the Big City and took over a discount clothing store. I eat cornbread even though my corn parents don't like it.

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